Affordable Housing

SCIDpda is committed to providing our community with affordable, decent housing.

When you first enter SCIDpda’s Domingo Viernes Apartments, you’re immediately greeted by the joyful sound of children’s carefree laughter. At our historic New Central Building, senior residents drink tea and tend to their potted plants in the rooftop garden. Residents of our historic Bush Hotel apartments walk downstairs every morning to do their Tai Chi in Hing Hay Park.

SCIDpda owns and/or manages nearly 500 units of affordable housing for more than 700 low-income residents in the heart of the Chinatown International District. The availability of housing near everyday amenities is paramount to the sustainability of a healthy community. Working parents need to live near childcare and jobs. Seniors need to live near their health clinic and bus stops. Our housing is located in mixed-use buildings so that residents are just steps away from grocery stores, professional services and more. With a decent home and stable living environment, our residents are able to work on achieving personal goals for themselves and their families.